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Professional and Executive Services

Professionals and Executives experience unique pressures and challenges in their professional and personal lives.  Stress and demands from work often negatively impact personal relationships and it is important to develop skills to effectively navigate the complexities of challenges at work and at home.

Often these individuals have extensive responsibilities that affect work life balance and in some instances they develop maladaptive coping strategies including addictions, anger management issues, sleep disorders to name a few.  

In their professional worlds, managing power, dealing with employee relations and leadership pressures can become overwhelming.  While professionals often posses the talent to perform their “jobs” well the capacity to communicate effectively and handle emotions while under stress can be complicated.

The therapists at Dr. Stephanie Bot & Associates understand the many layers of issues encountered by professionals and executives.  They are skilled and experienced in providing sophisticated and solution focused problem solving strategies, communication techniques, stress management as well as the psychotherapeutic background to address any addictions, anxieties, depression or other mental health concerns and interpersonal and intimate relationship issues.  We also offer couple counseling and other resources for families to support an improved home and work life.